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My name is Kenya Taylor.

I am the owner of Taylor Threads Company, LLC; established in May 2020. Taylor Threads Company is an Urban Christian Brand aimed towards showing love for God in the most casual kind of way. Having a love for sneakers and always wanting to match my kicks with some type of dope shirt or hoodie has always been a thing for me, and I’m sure for others. As my love for God grew, the idea came about to have shirts and hoodies relating to my love for God and wanting to incorporate those colors of the t-shirts or hoodies with sneakers or however you’d like to rock them. I want my brand to inspire and encourage others. I hope that when someone sees you with your inspirational wear on, they will walk away feeling encouraged as well. That said, come shop with us and show your love for God in the most dope kind of way. I want you to be inspired while also inspiring others with your Taylor Threads Company wear!

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