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Welcome to Make Me Better!


Thank you so much for stopping by! We're honored to have you! I'm Alysha, owner of Make Me Better LLC. Make Me Better was first established as a health and fitness coaching company in 2014. After a hospitalization in 2014, I vowed to take control of my own health and not long after decided it was my mission to help others do the same.


In 2017, I made a life changing decision to resign from my position as a Contractor for the US Air Force in Intelligence and Information Technology, come home to be with my daughters full-time, and address my mental health as well! I'd suffered some trauma while in the Air Force that had been suppressed for over a decade and a half at that point and it was now FORCING me to deal with it. 

During this new phase in life, I had to turn to every resource I had to take care of my family as my income was down to about 25% of what it had been. I needed to do things that didn't feel like work but could also be therapeutic as I now face PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. I had to put the health and wellness BUSINESS to the back burner, because NOW I needed to take care of self. I was now THE priority.

Make Me Better Customs, Graphics, Learning, and Bullies were established in the years to follow as a way to help Make ME Better mentally and emotionally but also, financially for my family. 

Our mission is to ensure that WHATEVER service you get from us, you are BETTER than before you came.

  • Life and Health Coaching

  • Graphics design (logos, flyers, business cards, commercial vinyl signage, etc) and printing

  •  Custom Apparel, Home Goods, and Gifts

  • Wellness Event Hosting

  • Podcasting


Our businesses are our lifelines as my disabilities don't allow me to work outside my home.


Find us at and on FB as Make Me Better LLC.

No upcoming events at the moment
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