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So what will I do with today?

I woke this morning at 0500 to teach. You see, I am also an English teacher for children overseas. But, my first love, is YOU! Fitness. My #FITFAM and all that we share. I had to take a break for a while to regroup for self. I'd been battling a serious case of the "Monday's" every day and I could not shake it. It's the best way to describe the PTSD, MDD, and anxiety symptoms. The why's will come but for now, just know these are a few of my demons.

But, THEY make me ME. I use these as stepping stones to Make ME Better. And, you! I've been on the longest roller coaster EVER emotionally, mentally, and physically. One by one, I'm regaining control and with the help of God, a great therapist, and a super support system. I need you all to know how important these people are to me. People sometimes ask how I remain so positive MOST of the time with so much going on. Those are your answers. ;)

So, anyway, the question was, "what will I do with today?". I'm going to remain positive, repeat my affirmations, eat well, move more, chat with clients and my loved ones, put in a little work, and take some time for ME. Self-care is the best care and I need it on today.

Have a super day! I will post fit tips and tricks, recipes, my thoughts, rant and rave about life, share my ups and downs, praise my beautiful daughters, and more here. Be on the lookout! (((MUAH)))

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