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Heavy On The Healing Apparel

Heavy On The Healing Apparel

$25.00 Regular Price
$21.25Sale Price
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What better way to make a statement than with MMB's statement apparel. This one goes without explanation. But, if you haven't seen our Heavy On The Healing Journal then it needs a little explanation. ❤️ This tee was created with our journals in mind! Why not tell the world how you're healing?! Someone may need a little motivation! You may be their light!

Our journals can be found on our site under Books.

You can order our tees with your own spin or even a completely new design by ordering our custom option. Search for "Custom Adult Apparel" or "Custom Youth Apparel".

The cotton is soft. Each piece is pressed in house with love and gratitude. Thank you for shopping with MMB!

  • Sizing

    Sizes are unisex unless otherwise noted.

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